We are not the biggest company in the business and we have not been in business for hundreds of years (however, we are not a fly by company either – we have been around since 2004); we do not have fancy corporate offices or millions of square feet in warehouse space. However, we make up for all of that with the following:

OEM Products

We buy the OEM products directly from the as their authorized distributor.  When you order a OEM product from our site, you can be rest assured that it is a genuine OEM product.

High quality UBICON label products

  • UBICON branded products are proven low cost alternative to high cost OEM products
  • We ship Fresh stock right out of the factory – ensuring maximum shelf life for the customer
  • We offer 30 day money back guarantee
  • Our products are made to meet or exceed OEM standards and are guaranteed to perform as well as OEM products.

Place your orders with us and rest assured!