Bank Drop Pack for Safe and Secure Deposit - 5 Medium Bags w/ Draw Strings w/ 10 Plastic Seals & 7 Color Combo Dropit Envelopes

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These re-usable DropIt envelopes are for organizing currency, coupon, receipts and similar documents. They come in green, white, red, yellow, blue, silver, white, tan, & clear. The combo pack include green, white, red, yellow, blue, silver and tan. Use each color for effective organization - one color for each day of the week, or each shift. Use different colors to organize different currency denominations or different type of coupons and documents. Each envelope can hold up to 100 bills. Handy thumb notch at top makes bill removal easy and the two view slots in the center of each envelope help you verify when all contents have been removed. These envelopes are made of vinyl and additional identifying information can be written on envelopes using a standard permanent ink marker. These envelopes can be used as coupon organizer, document holder, bill organizer, budget planner or a receipt organizer. Also included are 5 heavy duty cotton bags cotton bags with drawstrings for transport of currency, coins & other heavy duty items. 10 disposable plastic tamper proof security seals are included as well

  • Cost Saver: These envelopes can be used many times over compared to the paper envelopes. Unlike the paper envelopes, these envelopes will last for years.
  • Durable: These envelopes are made of heavy duty vinyl and are very durable; one envelope expands to hold up to 100 notes or bills.
  • The bags are specially designed with no bottom seams for extra Strength.  Guaranteed to hold up to 50 pounds.
  • The seals can be used as numbered tags for fire extinguisher, cash bags, vehicle doors, TIR cables, curtain side buckles, storage bins, ID tags, sprinkler systems, tractors and trailers
  • Combo pack contains 7 dropit envelopes, Single color pack contains 10 dropit envelopes.

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