Gas Station Kit Includes DropIt Safe Envelopes, Waffletechnology Card Reader Cleaning Cards & Waffletechnology Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards

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Each kit contains 1 DropIt Envelope Combo back or 7 envelops along with Card Reader Cleaning Cards ( (KW3-HSCB40) and Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards (KW3-BMB15M); both cards feature Waffletechnology that reaches and cleans critical components of the equipment Use the envelopes for organizing currency, coupons, receipts and for most safe deposits. These are disposable products designed to clean the interior contact points of electronic devices that facilitate or produce data or information transactions. They remove dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants in a safe, efficient manner. Cleaning cards are used to ensure overall device efficiency and for preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs by eliminating or minimizing failed transactions. Studies have proven that many devices aren't broken, they are just dirty.

  • One kit contains: 1 Dropit Envelope Combo Pack for a total of 7 envelopes. 1 color each of the following: red, green, yellow, blue, white, silver, tan.
  • These envelopes are a cost saver and can hold up to 100 bills and last for years: they are durable, easy to use, and can be used in a variety ways.
  • One kit contains: 5 Card Reader Cleaning Cards (KW3-HSCB40) and 5 Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards (KW3-BMB15M); both cards feature Waffletechnology.
  • Clean card readers using Waffletechnology for Card Readers. Swipe card up and down magstripe reader several times. Insert into chip reader several times. With each swipe or insertion, rotate/flip card.
  • Clean the bill acceptor using Waffletechnology for Bill Validators; within a transaction test mode, insert the cleaning card as you would cash. It will reject back to you. Flip and rotate the card and reinsert. Repeat this process several times to properly clean the bill validator.

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