KICTeam Display Cleaning Wipes Saturated with ClearDisplay Solution in Canisters

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  • Effective Display Cleaner:  This cleaning wipe is designed to safely clean any monitor, LCD screen, plasma screen, touchscreen, iPhone, iPad, laptop, PDA, etc.These wipes are saturated with ClearDisplay Screen Cleaner and take the guess work out of which item is safe for your monitor or equipment cleaning.
  • Special Features These wipes will not scratch or leave residue. These wipes include anti-static property.
  • Many Uses: Use these wipes on:
    • Digital Signage
    • Monitors
    • Screens
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets
    • Touch Screens

In today's environment, the devices and surroundings of a business need to be cleaned inside and outside to keep the employees and the customers safe and healthy.  ClearDisplay Wipes remove the fingerprint and grime  buildup. These wipes are saturated with KICTeam's proprietary ClearDisplay solution that is specially designed to clean glossy display screens.   Studies have proven that many devices aren't broken, they are just dirty.

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