KICTeam KWCAS-CURB10W Waffletechnology Cassida Currency Counter CleanBill Pro Cleaning Card (Box of 10)

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This CleanBill Pro Cleaning Card provides the best possible cleaning of Cassida's Apollo and Zeus Pro Series currency discriminators. These cards ensure the equipment continually delivers the unparalleled performance. They are the only products recommended for maintaining our Cassida equipment.

The Cassida Pro Series requires daily care to keep sophisticated sensors and delicate components free from the dust and dirt that impacts performance. The Cleanbill Pro Cleaning Card does just that by effectively cleaning these areas without the harsh chemicals that can cause damage.

The CleanBill Pro cleaning cards feature Waffletechnology, a patented system using raised and lowered areas which compress and expand to clean where traditional products don’t reach.

Debris builds up during normal operation with any currency handling equipment, and cleaning on a frequent basis is critical for optimum performance and duration of the currency counters.

These cards are saturated with WonderSolvent, which is designed to provide both the cleaning power and the grip needed for high speed currency discriminators.

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