POS & Self Checkout Station Maintenance Pack of 12 Waffletechnology Products, Includes Card Reader and Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards (25)

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This kit contains everything needed to keep the self check-out area clean:

  • This kit contains 12 Waffletechnology products to keep the Self Service Stations clean and efficient: 1 each Wafflelechnology Cleaning Card for Card Readers. Lint Free Wipes, & Thermal Printers Cleaning Cards, 2 each Swisel, ClearDisplay Wipe & 70% IPA Wipes
  • Clean the card reader using Waffletechnology for Card Reader Cleaning Card; Swipe card up and down magstripe reader several times. Insert into chip reader several times. With each swipe or insertion, rotate/flip card.
  • Clean the cash in/out using Waffletechnology for Bill Validators. Set the POS to transaction test mode, insert the cleaning card as you would inseret a currency. It will reject back to you. Flip and rotate the card and reinsert. Repeat this process several times to properly clean the bill validator.
  • Clean the printhead and roller using Waffletechnology Cleaning Card for Thermal Printers and 70% IPA Wipe. Open up printer, lay the cleaning card as you would a receipt roll with the curved edge sticking out. Close the lid and then slowly pull the card through the device. Do this several times flipping the card each time.
  • Clean screen, keypad, scanner and all external housings using ClearDisplay Wipe

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