Self Inflating Sandless Sand Bags

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These bags are innovative, self-inflating alternative to traditional sandbags and helps in flood preparedness and change the way we control damage due to flooding.  These jute bags contain materials that automatically absorb water and expand in about five minutes.  Once the water is absorbed, the water stays there and the bags act just like traditional sand bags and keep the floods at bay.  

  • These bags are fully biodegradable. The bag, along with the water absorbing materials dissolve naturally
  • Light weight, when dry (about one pound)
  • Flat and easy to store
  • These bags automatically locks water with no leakage; can be expanded with water in a bath tub, sink, bucket or a garden hose.
  • Does not require sand, which may be hard to find in flooded areas.
  • No extensive manpower or equipment needed to move and manage.
  • Common uses are household protection, household emergencies, utility work and construction sites.
  • Each bag inflates up to approximately 45 pounds in five minutes of submersion in water; provides about 330 pound resistant force when fully inflated
  • Great for temporarily controlling water in basement, underground facilities like parking garages, highways, construction sites.
  • Quickly absorbs water in oil fields and coal mines; use to temporarily embank rivers and lakes for flood control

Directions for use:

  • Unfold the bag from the box/package
  • Prepare a large container big enough to lay the bag fla
  • Fill the container with water; water level should be at lease 7.5 inches
  • Press the bag in the water so that the water penetrates the bag
  • Leave the bag in the water 3 to 5 minutes for it to be ready for deployment
  • Stack the bags like laying bricks

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