Total Care Kit for for Cleaning Money Counter Machine and Currency Counter Machine Includes 13 Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards and 13 Swabs Pre-Saturated with Miracle Magic (K2-KTCRRT13) (1)

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Designed to effectively clean performance-critical surfaces inside most currency counter devices, our Waffletechnology for Currency Counters delivers superior cleaning results shown to reduce bill miscount, rejection, and jamming rates significantly. This specialty cleaning card outperforms ordinary flat cards by using a proprietary cleaning formula for high-speed counting devices and patented spring-loaded waffles engineered to reach and gently apply pressure to target surfaces including recessed optical sensors. Waffletechnology is trusted and recommended by service professionals and OEMs worldwide to increase efficiencies and maintain reliable device performance. The ultimate tool to solve your cleaning challenges and keep performance-critical components free of problematic dirt & debris buildup. The Swisel: 3-in-1 Multipurpose Cleaning Tool allows you to effortlessly clean hard-to-reach surfaces by combining a pre-saturated swab, chisel, and scraper into one easy-to-use cleaning tool. This specialty cleaning tool outperforms ordinary cleaning wipes and swabs by using a specialized cleaning formula on the ultra-absorbent swab head for effective pretreatment. At the same time, the durable scraper and chisel allow for quick and safe removal of stubborn buildup on sensitive surfaces. Our Swisel is trusted and preferred by many service professionals around the world to successfully clean and maintain performance-critical components in today's technology.


  • Improve Efficiency - Reduce miscounts and jamming rates of your money counter machine. This kit is an essential part of cleaning supplies for offices with money counter machines.
  • Patented Technology - The cleaning cards feature patented Waffletechnology (spring-loaded waffles) and are saturated with WonderSolvent cleaning solution. These cards can clean hard-to-reach interior parts.
  • 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool – The swab is an effective, easy-to-use, disposable tool. It is pre-moistened with MiracleMagic and acts as a chisel and scraper to remove dirt and grime from the device.
  • Comfort Fit – The swab is saturated with MiracleMagic cleaning formula and designed to reach hard-to-reach surfaces. The swabs remove dirt, oils, and currency fiber from bill counter machines.
  • Individual, Single-use Packaging – The cleaning card and swab are individually packaged for consistent quality, solution retention, convenient access, easy transport, and easy storage.

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