UBICON 5 Heavy Duty Cotton Bags w/ Draw Strings w/ 10 Disposable Plastic Security Seals

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Five Heavy duty cotton bags with draw strings for deposit and transport of coins, currencies and other heavy items. Specially designed with no seams at the bottom to add extra strength; the tie backs and flat bottom makes it easy to close and transport the bag.

  • Made from heavy duty cotton.
  • Flat bottom makes it easier to store on the floor, shelf or truck.
  • The tie backs and draw strings closes the bag for added security.
  • For Transport of Coins, Currency and other heavy items.
  • Specially designed with no bottom seams for extra strength.
  • Guaranteed to hold up to 50 pounds.

UBICON security plastic seals are disposable tamper proof and tamper evident seals, which can pull tight and with adjustable length.

The seals can be used for airlines catering and aircrafts, express courier bags, fire extinguisher pins, bank cash bags or boxes, ATM cassettes, ballot boxes, storage totes, suitcases and luggage, health care boxes, airline cargo, travelling bags, accessories, food and beverage carts, electricity, cargo transportation and logistics, trucks, shipping containers, container, trailers, etc.

  • Plastic Numbered Tags for fire extinguisher, cash bags, vehicle doors, TIR cables, curtain side buckles, storage bins, ID tags, sprinkler systems, tractors and trailers
  • The plastic security seals are printed with progressing sequential serial numbers.
  • The pull tight locking mechanism with adjustable locking length for the plastic safety sealing ties.
  • Self-locking and hand-breaking up, easy application. No need to use tools.
  • Plastic Seals Security Numbered - Trucker or Trailer For standard containers truck – vans – doors – airline – duty-free shops – supermarkets – storage-controlling

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