Established in 2006 as a modest home-based venture, UBICON has since embarked on a journey of consistent expansion. Today, UBICON proudly operates from a spacious 2,000 square feet warehouse located in Woodridge, Illinois. 

At UBICON, our ethos is rooted in dharmic principles, guiding every aspect of our operations. We are steadfast in our commitment to righteousness, ensuring that integrity permeates every decision and action we undertake. Our paramount goal is to cultivate robust and enduring relationships with our customers and vendors, fostering an environment of complete satisfaction and unwavering trust. 

Specializing in the distribution of supplies for Garden, and Hospitality, Retail and Financial Industries, UBICON offers a diverse range of solutions including a selection of eco-conscious coco coir products. Under the trusted brand name of UBICON, we deliver products that not only meet but often exceed OEM standards, backed by our steadfast guarantee of customer satisfaction.