KICTeam KW3-BMB15M Waffletechnology Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card

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This cleaning card design incorporates a special magnetic code to allow the acceptance of this cleaning card into a variety of different models of Bill Acceptor. The acceptance rate of this card is 98% of models used in North America; eliminate the guess work of which card to use on the bill acceptor you wish to clean. Once the cleaning card enters the bill acceptor, the Waffletechnology® design allows the cleaning card to reach the optical lenses and other critical components. Use this product once per week to maintain a high acceptance rate for currency.

  • One step cleaning card designed to replace the bottle of cleaning solution and dry wipe; cleans without dismantling the equipment
  • Cleans the surface of critical mounted optical lenses
  • Universally accepted in most of today's cash acceptors
  • Use this card for regular maintenance to maintain high acceptance rates
  • This card features cleaning waffles (raised, flexible platforms) allowing the card to clean previously unreachable areas within the card reader, significantly increasing the life and reliability of the card reader


This card works in 98% of the models used in North America. Use this Card Reader Cleaning Card to clean vending machines, slot machines, change machines and pay at pump machines.

Specifically this card can be used in: Pyramid, Coinco (except model BA30B), JCM UBS, WBS DBV Models MEI Sodeco, MEI Cash Flow, MEI ZT Series 1000, MEI Series 3000, Ardac, Rowe, Dixie Narco, Inc. NBM-3000 Series Bill Validator.

When to Clean

  • Each time the machine is emptied.
  • At least one to two times a month.
  • Clean more frequently during busy seasons or high usage periods.

How to Clean

  • Insert the card into the acceptor. Card will clean the machine and eject

Why Clean?

Money is exceptionally dirty and can cause device misreads, bill slippage, loss of revenue, operational failure and extreme customer frustration at self check out if not cleaned properly. Scheduled maintenance of device improves the life of the device and reduces service expenses


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