UBICON Coco Coir Disc 1.5" - Easy to Use, Chemical Free, for Indoor & Outdoor use

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This is a natural material made out of coconut husks. The coconut husks are washed to remove salt, sun dried and then compressed in the form of disc. These discs are not enclosed with a woven cloth, making them completely climate friendly. Use this disc to seed and start a plant. Coco coir has superior water holding capacity, excellent air space and drainage, and is a useful soil for potted plants and containers. The coir mixes well with compost and nutrients to provide a nature-friendly environment for roots to grow in containers, planters or beds. The unique natural fibers in it provide abundant aeration protecting roots from over watering.

  • NO WOVEN CLOTH: This listing is for 6 discs. These discs are nature friendly and are not enclosed with a woven cloth. Place the disc in the seeding pot and add water to expand the disc. Each disc will expand up to 6 ounces.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: The coir is biodegradable and organic as it comes from coconuts. It does not contain any chemicals. Discs are easy to carry and store, as compared to peat moss, topsoil and potting soil.
  • IDEAL BALANCE: These discs retain moisture, requires less frequent watering; plants thrive because the natural pith granules allow plant roots to absorb the ideal balance of water, and any added nutirents
  • HEALTHY PLANTS: These discs feature a high aeration rate, resulting in good root formation; plants live longer: the unique natural fibers provide abundant aeration which reduces root rot from over watering. Low electrical conductivity level resulting in healthy growth of the plants.EASY TO USE: Place the disc in the center of a container, then add enough water (water level needs to be higher than the fiber soil pellet), after a few minutes, they will absorb water and swell. At this point, place the plant's seeds in the center.

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