UBICON Easy Use Organic Eco Friendly Coco Husk Chips, Gets 8 Quarts for each Brick, Reduces Weed Growth, Retains Water and Prevents Soil Erosion, For Indoor & Outdoor Use

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Our coco coir chips are organic and natural mulch made from the outer shell of coconuts. These coconut husk chips have superior water holding capacity and allow for excellent air space and drainage. These chips are a highly sustainable and are eco friendly alternative to other mulch options like bark chips. These chips are durable and can withstand most inclement weather. These chips absorb and retain water, releasing it gradually over time. Husks chips allow for better aeration and are ideal for soil-less plants like orchids. These chips can also be used as landscaping mulch and ground cover. Each brick can hold up to 10 times the volume.

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