Gas Station and Vending Machine Supply and Maintenance Pack, Includes 50 Reusable DropIt Safe Money Envelopes and 15 Waffletechnology Card Reader Cleaning Cards (KW3-HSCB40)

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This bundle includes popular and useful products for servicing a gas station pump or vending machine: 50 DropIt Safe Envelopes and 15 waffletechnology card reader cleaning cards.  Use the reusable DropIt safe envelopes to easily account for and deposit cash and currency, use the waffletechnology card reader cleaning cards to clean and maintain credit card readers and the DropIt envelopes to deposit cash into a smart safe.

  • Durable and Cost Saver: DropIt Safe Envelopes can be used many times over compared to paper envelopes. Unlike paper envelopes, these envelopes will last for years. These safe drop envelopes are made of heavy-duty vinyl and are very durable; one money envelope expands to hold up to 100 notes or bills.
  • Patented Technology: Waffletechnology (patented in the US, Canada, and Australia) cleaning cards dramatically outperform flat cleaning cards. Our unique cleaning card design allows anyone to easily and safely maintain a credit card reader without opening the equipment or damaging critical sensors. We use spring-loaded waffles on our cards to reach and safely add pressure to sensors, effectively cleaning them.
  • Patented Cleaning Solution: Waffletechnology cleaning cards feature patented Evanish solution that effectively breaks down dirt and debris in the card path and on the read head for effective cleaning; safe to use on electronic components.
  • Improve Sales and Service: Cleaning helps downtime and improves customer service. Cleaning must be done at least once per week. Clean more frequently after periods of high usage and outdoor usage. Failure to clean frequently can cause system failure, device downtime, and customer frustration. Sensitive chip readers should be cleaned to avert misreads and reduce manual data entry and fraud potential. Clean when experiencing card rejection, reader error, or repeated swipes.
  • Easy to Use: Handy thumb notch at the top of the DropIt envelopes makes bill removal easy and the two view slots in the center of each envelope help you verify when all contents have been removed. These envelopes are offered in many colors, use each color for effective organization. Mark each envelope's content with a permanent marker. Using the cleaning cards is easy; just follow the directions on the product envelope.

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