KICTeam KWCAN-C1B15WS Waffletechnology Canon CR-Series Check Scanner Cleaning Card

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Check transports accumulate dirt from the pollutants in the environment and by being handled. This dirt collects and clouds the optical lenses inside which are the most critical component of the transport. These optics allow the imaged check to become a legal document for check clearing as stated in the Check 21 law. The ability of the transport to properly create the image is why the optics are the most critical component of the transport. Canon CR-25, CR-55, CR-135i, CR-180, CR-180II and CR-190 Check Transport Cleaning Card with Waffletechnology were developed to clean the transport’s optics of built up dirt and ink. In addition, it will also clean the transport roller mechanisms that allow the check to pass through the scanner. This card, when used as a consistent maintenance product, will keep your Canon Check Transport Units performing as designed. Available in Boxes of 15 Cleaning Cards Canon CR-25, CR-55, CR-180 and CR-180II Check Transport Cleaning Card with Waffletechnology is an approved product by Canon. This product was developed and tested to be an effective means of maintaining this equipment through a joint development project between Canon and the engineers at Waffletechnology®

  • Remove dirt and ink buildup easily with a Canon approved cleaning card
  • Ensure consistent check processing on every scan
  • Developed with Canon to remove endorsement ink, residue, paper flash and other debris left behind from normal operation on Canon check scanners
  • Cleans reading units, feed rollers, MICR read head and pathways within the CR-Series check scanners
  • For Canon check transport models CR-25, CR-55, CR-135i, CR-180, CR-180ii and CR-190


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