KICTeam KWDCC-CS1B15WS Waffletechnology Digital Check/SmartSource Check Scanner Cleaning Card

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This is a disposable products designed to clean the interior contact points of electronic devices that facilitate or produce data or information transactions. They remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminants in a safe, efficient manner. Cleaning cards are used to ensure overall device efficiency and for preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs by eliminating or minimizing failed transactions. Studies have proven that many devices aren't broken, they are just dirty.

  • This product features patented Evanish solution that effectively breaks down dirt and debris in the card part and on thread head for effective cleaning; safe to use on electronic components.
  • Dust, ink and debris can cloud the optical lens causing bad scans. This can make an automated system into a manual entry system increasing processing time.
  • Clean your Digital Check Scanner every week to two weeks depending on volume. Dust, ink and debris can cloud the optical lens causing bad scans.
  • Clean when experiencing poor print quality, illegible receipts, paper jams or print voids.
  • Replaces Burroughs/Unisys Cleaning Cards Part # KWBUR-BUR2B15W

Cleans More Thoroughly With Less Trouble

Since the waffle card is pushed into direct contact with the scanner track throughout the cleaning cycle, it removes more dirt and dust in fewer passes than previous 'flat' card designs. The thicker card also cleans hard-to-reach parts such as the camera glass without the need for a separate cleaning swab.

Our new cleaning cards use the power of WaffleTechnology to get your Digital Check scanner cleaner than ever! The improved design keeps the card in uninterrupted contact with the cleaning surface as it passes through the scanner track, removing more dirt and dust in fewer passes. KICTeam’s patented Envanish solvent provides a longer useable lifespan and a better scanner cleaning experience.


WaffleTechnology cards have been tested to work with all current and previous-generation Digital Check scanner models, including the CheXpress CX30; TellerScan TS500, TS240, TS230 and TS215; and BranchXpress BX7200.

More than Double the Useful Lifespan

Scanner lasts Longer

Alcohol-based cards would often 'dry out' and lose their effectiveness due to evaporation 90 seconds to two minutes after opening – meaning you had to be ready to go, and you had to hurry! Waffle cards with the Envanish solvent stay useable for five minutes or more, letting you take your time and run the card through for as many passes as you need to.

Cleans the camera lens better

The camera glass was one of the most difficult parts for flat cleaning cards to reach, as it they did not always maintain direct contact with both sides. The camera often had to be cleaned separately for this reason. The new 'spring-loaded' waffle design stays in full contact throughout, cleaning the camera glass thoroughly with a card alone.

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